This site was created to spread and distribute The Great Secret of Islam, a book Odon Lafontaine (Olaf) has been working on since 2012. A first French edition was published in 2014, and an important updated French edition in 2020. Arabic and Persian editions are available. The English edition will be published in 2021.

Why did Odon Lafontaine write this book?

Throughout his reading of the Quran, the biographies of Muhammad, the traditional Islamic narrative, and his discussions with Muslims, Odon Lafontaine felt unease and incomprehension towards this religion as he discovered more and more contradictions. To understand them, he wanted to learn more about the historical origins of Islam.

This is how he discovered the work of Édouard-Marie Gallez, c.s.j, doctor (PhD) in theology and history of religions, and started to work with him. Gallez’ thesis (The Messiah and his Prophet, Editions de Paris, 2005-2010 – see also his website) and their collaboration introduced him to many fascinating historical studies. They transformed his vision of Islam by revealing a completely different story from that of the traditional narrative: Islam is not the result of a divine revelation – or of the sermons of Muhammad – but it comes from a very long and very complex religious and political process, deeply rooted in Jewish and Christian errant apocalyptical beliefs. A process that was particularly manipulated by the caliphs to fulfill their political domination fantasies by establishing God’s reign on Earth

Mainly due to the complexity of the subject, furthermore being a very touchy subject, this discovery remains confined within the discreet circles of scholars and the pages of difficult academia articles and books. How could the public be made aware of it? This is what The Great Secret of Islam is about: an easy-to-read essay about the actual origins of Islam, written by Odon Lafontaine, in collaboration with Édouard-Marie Gallez and other scholars.

Who is Odon Lafontaine?

Odon Lafontaine has a business strategy background, starting with an MBA and then years as a strategy consultant, working for several consulting firms. This experience allowed him to sharpen his critical mind and to practice extensively the scientific method – the very same method used by scholars working on the origins of Islam, and the very same method he used to write The Great Secret of Islam. Odon is also involved in the EEChO organization, a French scholars society dedicated to the study of the origins of Christianity. Odon is then neither an academia nor a researcher in the academic sense, but mainly a writer, also carrying out his own research based on the work of scholars, and with the help of scholars.

Odon Lafontaine is also the cofounder of a French organization dedicated to supporting ex-Muslims and Christian converts from Islam (Mission Ismérie).

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