The Great Secret of Islam on Pfander Films with Jay Smith

Jay Smith and Odon Lafontaine have recorded a series of videos about the ‘Great Secret of Islam’, to be seen on Jay’s Youtube Channel (Pfander Films): PfanderFilms

6 – 7 & 8th cent. “hard” evidence (coins, inscriptions) explains how the Arab leaders created Islam by pretending to rule instead of the Messiah

Odon is back with Jay to present the hard evidence from the 7th & 8th centuries that proves that the first Arab rulers were not muslims yet (not until the Abbasids in 750!), and that those rulers gradually built their system by claiming more and more “messianic powers”, the very ones that the Messiah Jesus was supposed to have had and exercised should he have come back in the 7th century as the Arabs expected him to.
Click on the link to download the updated .pdf file of the full presentation (1 & 2 & 3)

5 – The Qur’an isn’t from Allah

.pdf file of the presentation

4 – The Qur’an describes the CREATORS OF ISLAM!

.pdf file of the presentation

3 – Has Odon found the group who helped create Islam ?

.pdf file of the presentation (presentation 3&2)

2 – Odon decimates the ‘Standard Islamic Narrative’!

.pdf file of the presentation (presentation 3&2)

1 – Odon Lafontaine’s views on Islam’s Origins!

5 thoughts on “The Great Secret of Islam on Pfander Films with Jay Smith

  1. This is a wonderful and succinct argument reconstructing Islam’s History as it really happened. Thanks to Odon LaFontaine, it all begins to make real sense.


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