One thought on “An introduction to The Great Secret of Islam

  1. Great staff to digest. This connects to anti Christ which is talked about in the bible. Why are we Christians so diplomatic in reference to the believers of Islam. on the offensive they are simply the anti Christ and have use an evil power all over the world where they are? Secondly, are they then the seed of the serpent Genesis 3:15 and Rev 12:17.

    What then holds people into Islam given that the book is false, man is not a credible prophet or non existent

    From all these works i have been following is it possible to put a grand synthesis (America, Britain, France, Germany, etc)
    Lastly if we can translate into Swahili for consumption in East Africa up to the village level. People should know this and we use it to change the narrative and evangelize more to the Muslims
    Can we also debunk the imam and sheikh theology which then could be coercive, of control, intimidation, and with no morals and ethics. in simple terms it is witchcraft 1 Samuel 15:22-23.


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